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Velvet Maxcel Cover
Velvet Collection by Lotus Lounge Chair    Облечи го твојот Лотус со нова ВЕЛВЕТ НАВ..
3,359 MKD4,800 MKD
Ex Tax: 2,847 MKD
Refill 1 kg
Една вреќа рефил содржи 1.000гр. експандиран полистирен.  ..
546 MKD780 MKD
Ex Tax: 463 MKD
Refill 5 kg
One big bag refill contains 5 kg expanded polystyrene ..
2,030 MKD2,900 MKD
Ex Tax: 1,720 MKD
Refill 10 kg
One big bag refill contains 10 kg expanded polystyrene ..
4,130 MKD5,900 MKD
Ex Tax: 3,500 MKD

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LOTUS LOUNGE CHAIR are flexible and multifunctional chairs. Several various models and forms will meet everyone’s preferences and bring joy to each generation. As well as they will serve as a decorative element witch will change your living space into a modern, colourful and dynamic ambience. This flexible chair for relaxing, is transforming it self with the anatomy of your body so u can just dive in it and relax.


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